Founder Profile

Born and raised in J&K, Anita Koul graduated from Columbia University in 2015. Her passion for art and artisans took her places around the world, where her understanding about traditional, sustainable creations grew and blossomed into a dream, a longing-wish to create a platform for the raw elements of nature. From Taiwan to Kenya to Malaysia, she explored cultures, up-close. In 2019, she launched her own label, Kufukaa. She was able to launch the website with a few artisan-made artefacts. The goal was simple: to encourage, inspire, and inform people about the benefits of a handmade, less material lifestyle, and the importance of protecting our natural environment as the source of our well-being. Her aim was to create a website where a wide range of products for a sustainable living could be found in one catalogue, and enough content for each product to ensure a seamless experience for eco-minded shoppers. In 2020, the brand took a more entrepreneurial approach when Kufukaa partnered with Kansas City local market, Hyvee, and Function Junction KC for retail associations.

A signature style of American made and not-subtle sustainability was evident from her first collection. Where organic met elegance, the brand draws inspiration from the American journey through cultures and time, effortlessly combining function with flair. Kufukaa delivers a modern, self-reliant, apparel-centric wardrobe for the modern human with the aim of creating a new informal form of beauty.

With clothing designed and produced in Kansas City, the collections showcase the finest craftsmanship and materials. Kufukaa shows her mainline collection at the store website. The brand operates a few retail partnerships all within its home city. She believes, “Kufukaa delivers an American-made, versatile, sustainable, and handmade clothing for the conscious human with the aim of creating a self-reliant and artist-centric economy.”